Supplying steam for a bioethanol factory with production heat and thermal heat

Dampfversorgung einer Bioethanol-Fabrik mit Produktions- und Heizwärme

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Expansion of an existing steam boiler plant in a paper factory

Erweiterung einer bestehenden Dampfkesselanlage in einer Papierfabrik

The total capacity was increased from 170 to 238 t/h.

Superheated steam boiler for supplying a chemical factory with process heat and space heating

Heißdampfkessel zur Versorgung einer chemischen Fabrik mit Prozess- und Raumwärme

This boiler replaces an uneconomical cogeneration plant with a water-tube boiler and is operated in fully automatic mode and on a surveillance-free basis. Particular importance was placed on high availability, which was implemented by means of redundancies both in the device technology and in the electrical engineering and in a consistent individual burner operation.

Supplying a paper factory with production and thermal heat

Versorgung einer Papierfabrik mit Produktions- und Heizwärme

The plant with a total output of 200 t/h superheated steam was constructed to supply a cardboard machine with heat. Along with the pressure reducing station, a steam turbine with an electrical output of 7 MW was integrated.

Boiler plant for summer load and peak coverage in a thermal power plant

Kesselanlage für Sommerlast- und Spitzenabdeckung in einem Heizkraftwerk

Thermal output 50 t/h, 12 bar, 210 °C

Supplying a chemical plant with steam and production water

Versorgung eines chemischen Betriebes mit Dampf und Produktionswasser

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Boiler plant for process steam generation

Kesselanlage zur Prozessdampferzeugung

The boiler plant was designed for the disposal of combustible materials that accumulate during operations.