VKK Standardkessel on the exhibition “Zellcheming 2019”

VKK Standardkessel had a successful presentation on the Zellcheming Expo in Frankfurt on the Main between 25.06. – 27.06.2019.

Many decision makers of the paper industry were interessted in the scope of delivery and service of VKK Standardkessel GmbH. Based on that, many contacts were made or maintained. Special interests were focused on the daily presentation of VKK about the new development of a shell boiler with high capacity of 70 t/h.
The additional scope of service from VKK Standardkessel Service GmbH completes the works around boilers.
With this presentation, VKK Standardkessel was still recommended as a strong partner for paper mills.

VKK Standardkessel on the exhibition "Zellcheming 2019"